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NBEF Offers Elevator Speech Training and Other Career Development Workshops

Posted by admin on February 19, 2018
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NBEF held an Elevator Speech Training workshop for New Brunswick youth on February 6th (including high school seniors, college and grad school students, and young professionals). This fun and interactive learning experience was facilitated by Sharonda Weatherspoon, Vice President of Stores, Store Operations, and Communications for Ralph Lauren with direct responsibility for over 170 stores and approximately 10,000 employees throughout North America. She is also a proud alumnus of New Brunswick High School and member of NBEF’s Board of Directors.

She provided the packed conference room of participants with a framework to both create and pitch an elevator speech with a process that entailed … writing the speech, presenting it to another attendee (that included videotaping and critiquing each other), and ultimately delivering the speech in front of the entire group with feedback and encouragement.

While many participants may not have known much about an elevator pitch or even its purpose (to share one’s expertise/credentials quickly and effectively with persons who can help with career opportunities), they all left the workshop with a well-planned speech, technique and, most importantly, confidence to deliver it.

“I really enjoyed the NBEF Elevator Speech Workshop. I was able to interact with my peers and learn that an elevator speech is basically the art of presenting yourself, especially when trying to make connections for your career. I was able to develop a structured framework for preparing my speech and at the same time gain self-confidence when sharing my pitch with others.”
— Karla Oliva-Montiel
LIM College
Junior, Fashion Merchandising

“We wrote and practiced our speeches in a fun, interactive and progressive environment. Everyone who attended left with a greater sense of self (“our brand”) and a better vision of where they’d like to be. I felt empowered because I was taught that what I had to say mattered. I’m grateful to NBEF because it’s given me an edge over the competition.”
— Willietta Gombeh
Middlesex County College
Freshman, Public Health