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My name is Nyamekye Gloria Aning and I’m a New Brunswick High School alumna now entering my senior year at Rutgers University, majoring in Political Science. I am currently preparing for the Law School Admission Test (more commonly referred to as the LSAT) with an aim to start law school in fall 2022.

Ever since receiving a scholarship from NBEF and becoming a part of NBEF’s Network, Mr. Ford and his team has provided ongoing support for my dream to become a lawyer. They’ve even connected me with a mentor who is a young lawyer (who looks like me0 and has provided me with tremendous insight and guidance on the career as well as tips on how to prepare for the LSAT. The good news is that NBEF has noticed the significant interest in attending law within our College & Young Professional Network.

I am pleased to share that NBEF has developed a formal program entitled “Pathways to Law School” that will provide seminars on law school and the admission process, preparing for the LSAT, access to mentors, exposures to panelists and guest speakers who are lawyers and happens to be people of color.  There will also be opportunities to network with others who are pursuing legal careers.  

Your opportunity to sign up for this seminar is now!  Please tap on the link to access the sign-up sheet. I look forward to seeing you there.