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Posted by Ghani on March 6, 2021
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NBEF is launching an E-Mentoring Program as part of its College & Young Professional Network component. This special initiative will be implemented online using a digital platform with app and web compatibility that’s powered by Chronus.

NBEF’s aim is to pilot the program with 25 mentees paired with 25 mentors to engage in monthly meaningful conversations that may include optional structured curriculum-based activities that mentors and mentees can incorporate with their interactions.

NBEF values building a safe space to connect mentors and mentees by college majors or career fields. In this regard, the organization will match mentors with college experience and/or industry knowledge and expertise in career areas that mentees are pursuing.

New Brunswick High School seniors and alumni (enrolled in colleges, universities, and vocational institutes; and young professionals) are invited to apply as mentees; and college upperclassmen, grad school students, young professionals and seasoned professionals in various fields may apply as mentors. NBEF envisions having a program model with mentors who want to make a positive difference and willing to share their time, knowledge and experiences; and mentees who desire to grow by receiving advice, guidance and support in the college and/or career endeavors.

If you’re interested in signing up for NBEF’s E-Mentoring Program, email:
We also welcome you to visit the Program’s Landing Page at:

For More Information, view this brief video commentary by Aleshia Rider, NBEF’s E-Mentoring Program Administrator