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Posted by Ghani on December 11, 2023
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NBEF’s E-Mentoring Program pairs college students with young professionals based on their majors and career track (all of whom are New Brunswick High School and New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School alumni and in NBEF’s Network). 

These mentoring relationships are implemented over 3-months, one conversation per month, for at least 30 minutes. Mentees to initiate the contact with an introductory email and NBEF provides them with google workspaces to accommodate the interactions with video conferencing. Currently there is a cycle of NBEF’s E-Mentoring Program underway with 25 Mentees matched with 25 Mentors. 

The NBEF Network Leadership Team is committed to the belief that Mentors potentially can have a life-changing effect on the careers of Mentees by empowering them with guidance, confidence, and skills necessary to succeed. To that end, NBEF looks to make ongoing connections between the young professionals and college students in our Network. We are highly invested in the academic, career, and personal growth and development of New Brunswick youth to establish a pipeline of achievement and success!!!