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My name is Aleshia Rider, and I’m a New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School and Rutgers University graduate. I am also a former NBEF Scholarship recipient and member of the organization’s College & Young Professional Network. 

I am excited to share that NBEF is launching its first-ever E-Mentoring Program and I will serve as your Program Administrator. To connect members of NBEF’s Network, this will be implemented entirely online.

Our aim is to match 25 mentees with 25 mentors, building a safe space to expose mentees to industry knowledge and expertise through monthly meaningful conversations. We envision having a program with mentors who want to make a positive difference and mentees who desire to grow by receiving guidance.

We invite everyone to apply as mentees, including college, career institute, and graduate students, those who are searching for a job or looking to get started in your career, and young professionals who want to further their career. We are seeking college upperclassmen and professionals in various fields to apply as mentors.

This is a great opportunity to further enhance our services to help young adults from New Brunswick to set and achieve college or career goals. If you are interested in serving as a Mentor or Mentee, please click on the link to access the sign-up sheet. We will in turn reach out to you by email with more details.