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Frequently Asked Questions – AMP

Q – What’s meant by the term “AMP Coaches?”

A – NBEF AMP Coaches are young professionals and NBHS and NBHSTHS alumni just like you! We are all pumped to work with you and provide college and career coaching. We are all ready to go that extra mile to make sure your transition from high school to college goes smoothly. Think of us as your neighbors who have also navigated college and careers and are sharing all the secrets and tips firsthand through guided monthly interactions and workshops.

Q – How long are the NBEF AMP Coaching sessions expected to last?

A – Interactions with AMP Coaches will typically last approximately 30 minutes.

Q – Are the meetings with AMP Coaches done in-person; or by google meet, phone, or text messages?

A – The primary aim is to use google meets but interactions with AMP Coaches may also be done by phone or even by text (in certain circumstances)

Q – Can I reach out to my AMP Coach in between a scheduled meeting date?

A – Absolutely!!! We encourage students to feel free to reach out to AMP Coaches as often as needed.

Q – Can I still reach out to Mr. Ford regarding my scholarship or any other matter even though NBEF has assigned me to an AMP Coach?

A – Definitely!!! You are still expected to reach out to Mr. Ford regarding your scholarship; and he wants you to feel free to contact him about any other matter that you see fit. Also keep in mind that Mr. Ford may reach out to you directly as well regarding NBEF programs, workshops, and networking events.

Q – What are some of the benefits of having a NBEF AMP Coach?
A – Having a NBEF AMP Coach means having someone with a similar background who is dedicated to assisting you with your college and career journey. Coaches will be tailoring their interactions to meet each student’s personal needs and goals.

Q – What is some of the support that NBEF AMP Coaches will be providing upperclassmen college students?

A – The focus of AMP Coaches is to customize the assistance that’s provided to each individual student. The aim is to help all students set and achieve their personal, educational and career goals (including working with upperclassmen to establish both a “Career Development Plan and Career Development Team,” aka CDP and CDT .. to go along with a solid resume, digital footprint, interviewing and networking skills as well as an “elevator pitch.”

Q – Can AMP Coaches help me improve or upgrade my resume?

A – Yes!!! AMP Coaches are looking forward to helping you upgrade your resume as well as assist freshmen students with the process of transforming resumes from a high school to a college level format.