The Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs “True Grit” Scholarship offers a $1,500.00 scholarship award for a Rutgers Future Scholar who: (1) is a college freshman, sophomore or junior; (2) will continue his/her full-time enrollment at Rutgers University in the fall 2016; (3) exemplifies “True Grit” defined as perseverance, strength of character, unbeatable spirit in overcoming obstacles with a passion for long term goals who is succeeding both inside and outside the classroom; (4) possesses leadership qualities; and (5) is committed to community service. In addition, to qualify for the Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs “True Grit” Scholarship for Rutgers Future Scholars, the candidates are required to submit an essay (less than 1500 words) that responds to the following question:


How have I exemplified “True Grit” in overcoming obstacles and succeeding both inside and outside of the classroom?


The application for the Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs “True Grit” Scholarship for Rutgers Future Scholars must be completed and submitted by Monday, May 2, 2016.


The recipient of the Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs “True Grit” Scholarship for Rutgers Future Scholars will be recognized at the New Brunswick Education Foundation’s (NBEF) Tenth Anniversary Celebration on Friday, June 17, 2016 at The Pines Manor, 2085 Route 27 in Edison, NJ. The actual scholarship award, with a written designation for use, will be forwarded on behalf of the recipient directly to the college or university that he/she will attend.


Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs is currently serving as the Rutgers Future Scholars Program Coordinator serving 900 bright and deserving New Brunswick and Piscataway  Scholars in grades seven to senior year of college who, though successful participation in rigorous RFS college preparation are earning admissions and  guaranteed Rutgers tuition scholarships.


Dr Sachs has devoted her life to creating life changing opportunities for students in an exciting variety of settings.    After college, she served for two years as a Peace Corps worker in Liberia, West Africa as an elementary school teacher.  And, as per the Peace Corps motto, it was “the toughest job you’ll ever love”.  Upon returning from Africa, Dr. Sachs spent the next two years working in a variety of anti-poverty programs as GED teacher with high school dropouts in NYC and Co-Director for Adult Education programs for migrant workers in NJ.    Dr. Sachs then spent the next twenty-five years, again working to change lives through education.  as the Educational Opportunity Fund Program Director and an Associate Dean at Rutgers College. Over that period, the program grew to an enrollment of 800, the second largest out of 56 EOF programs in NJ with “exemplary” retention ratings.


After retiring from Rutgers in 1997, Dr. Sachs was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Educational Consulting Associates and, in that capacity was recruited to say “yes” to another thrilling yet imposing transformative educational opportunity which was to serve as the Deputy Director of an International School in Cairo Egypt. Within two years the Future American School was established with an enrollment of 360 Egyptian children in grades K-12 and Dr. Sachs also assured that all criteria were met to earn international accreditation.


Dr. Sachs wishes that all Rutgers Future Scholars will be blessed with the rich, fulfilling, joyous life opportunities that educational achievement makes possible and that you too find jobs that you love and, in so doing, “never work a day in your lives!”.  Amen!


For more information on the Dr. Eve Remsen Sachs “True Grit” Scholarship, contact the NBEF Office via email at: scholarships@nbefonline.org