Corazones Unidos Siempre, Chi Upsilon Sigma
National Latin Sorority, Inc.

Community Assistance Scholarship Program (“CASP”)


The New Brunswick Education Foundation (NBEF) has been selected to receive $1,000.00 from Corazones Unidos Siempre, Chi Upsilon Sigma, National Latin Sorority, Inc. (CUS) to provide a $1,000.00 scholarship award to a female (graduating senior) at New Brunswick High School who will be attending a 2 or 4 year college or university in the fall 2016. Eligibility of this scholarship is also based on academic performance, school leadership and community service.


The application for the CUS Community Assistance Scholarship must be completed and submitted by Monday, May 2, 2016.


The recipient of the CUS Community Assistance Scholarship will be recognized at the New Brunswick Education Foundation’s (NBEF) Tenth Anniversary Celebration on Friday, June 17, 2016 at The Pines Manor, 2085 Route 27 in Edison, NJ. The actual scholarship awards, with a written designation for use, will be forwarded on behalf of the recipient directly to the college or university that she will attend.


MISSION & OBJECTIVES OF CUS: Aware of the prejudices and obstacles facing the minority women of our communities, Corazones Unidos Siempre, Chi Upsilon Sigma, National Latin Sorority, Inc. ® (CUS) intends to support minority women in achieving a college education through the development of various leadership scholarship programs. They commit themselves to Educating, Elevating, and Empowering® all women their core values of Leadership, Sisterhood, Service and Character.


In efforts to support member involvement in local communities throughout their regions, CUS has established the Community Assistance Scholarship Program (CASP). The intent of CASP is to impact local communities through CUS members. This program is designed to increase support for existing local high school scholarship programs and thus develop possible linkages to increase CUS membership and fulfill their mission to support women in obtaining a college education.


ELIGIBILITY TO RECEIVE FUNDING THROUGH CUS’ COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: Eligibility is based on the existing high school scholarship program’s established capacity. The application process entails a sponsoring CUS member requesting funds on behalf of the high school scholarship program. The existing high school scholarship program must, in turn, meet the following eligibility: 1) have been operational for the past 3 years; 2) have an established review process and a system of distribution; and 3) can provide requested funds to high school senior girls who plan to attend a two or four year college/university.


Members of CUS, regardless of membership status, are eligible to apply for these funds on behalf of their local high school scholarship program. Available Scholarship Amount Scholarship awards will be issued on an annual basis based on the availability of funds. The CASP scholarship is open only to CUS members requesting support for an established high school scholarship programs that meet the eligibility requirement described above.


For more information on the CUS Community Assistance Scholarship, contact the NBEF Office via email at: